Playing Card Shufflers from A to Z

There are a lot of things that one can buy for the holidays or any occasion for a card player. No matter what you are playing, card games all have one thing in common, shuffling. We at Spinettis Gaming Supplies take great pride in our different shufflers. Our shufflers can do anywhere from one to six decks depending on what you purchase.

If you are a true shuffler enthusiast, we can help you find a casino grade quality shuffler. However, they go for thousands of dollars. From $8 up to $160, we have a wide variety of shufflers that are great for home use and a variety of occasions.

We have compiled a set of videos and an overview of each one to show you how our different shufflers work.

Hand Crank Shuffler 1 to 2 decks for $15:

Before we get into our battery operated and electronic shufflers, it is important to take note of the fact that there is still a way to do shuffling old school that is not electronic or with the hands themselves. Introducing our hand crank shuffler. You can decide to put either 1 or 2 decks on both sides of this device. Then you wind the crank so the cards get shuffled into the bottom of the device. You then can slide out the card catch tab to get your deck or decks of cards. You will surely work up an exercise using this one.

Automatic Playing Card Shuffler 1 to 2 decks for $8:

This great 1 or 2 deck shuffler takes 4 AA batteries. Get your 1 or 2 decks, put them on both sides of the device and get ready for some battery operated shuffling fun. Hit the black button that says push down to operate and in a matter of seconds, your cards will be shuffled to the rack below. Please take note that it is always important to have your cards even on both sides before shuffling. This shuffler is great for a casual player.

Automatic Playing Card Shuffler 1 to 4 decks for $16:

It says it is a Las Vegas-style shuffler and it is one of our biggest sellers. Want to shuffle up to four decks in a matter of 10 seconds or less? This device will give you that ability.  You press the lever down and you let the machine do the work. This shuffler requires 4 C batteries. This is a great shuffler for poker home games and other games that require a lot of card shuffling.

Automatic Playing Card Shuffler 1 to 6 decks for $19.95:

Every shuffler has a different personality. Our 1 to 6 deck shuffler sure does. This one has actually been tested by a professional poker player testing group. It no doubt passed the test. Put up to 3 decks on both sides and watch the cards shuffle down into the plastic rack. It takes less than 10 seconds to shuffle up to 6 decks. If you are a serious poker player, this shuffler may be the one for you for all the ongoing games you play. 4 C Batteries are required for use.  

ProShuffle Automatic 1 to 6 Card Decks Playing Card Shuffler for $159.95:

If you want the highest quality home game shuffler, this is the one you should select. What is great about this machine is that no batteries are required. It can be plugged in. However, if you are not near a plug outlet, that is also a possibility. When it runs on batteries, it does require 4 C batteries. For this shuffler, you place security weights on top of the decks before turning on the power switch. It also comes with an AC adapter. It is worth noting that this shuffler is for standard bridge and poker size decks.

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