SHUFFLER ProShuffle Automatic Playing Card Shuffler for 1- 6 Decks

Way Cool Gaming

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Proshuffle™ is lightweight fast shuffler that runs on batteries or can be plugged into any AC outlet in your home. Place deck or half a deck on each side of the shuffler and turn the shuffler on the shuffle them back together in the center of the shuffler.

Package includes:

• 1 Proshuffle Card Shuffler
• Security Weights to be placed on top of the decks
• 2 Decks of Casino Quality Playing Cards (poker size)
• 1 AC adapter for 110v North American two prong plug

Please note that this shuffler has an aged brushed aluminum finish look. It only works with standard bridge(2 1/4" x 3.5") and poker(2.5" x 3.5") size cards. Board game, old, used and warped cards are not recommended. Battery operation requires 4 - C-batteries (not included).

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