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World Series of Poker’s 50th Anniversary: Copag Holding A Great Contest

World Series of Poker’s 50th Anniversary: Copag Holding A Great Contest

It is going to be a special year at the World Series of Poker. With tens of thousands of players expected to participate in the full schedule of poker tournaments, there is no doubt going to be a lot of cards thrown around.

Though the $10,000 buy-in for the Main Event is out of reach for most people, Copag is giving poker players an opportunity to win a seat in this year’s Main Event. What Copag is doing this year is they are going to run a scratch-off card contest where 10 people will receive a golden ticket. The winners will be brought to a table and play a single face-up Texas Hold’em hand on July 1, 2019. The winner will receive an entry into the WSOP Main Event.

Two ways to get a scratch off to claim a golden ticket are by visiting the Copag booth at the 50th World Series of Poker at the Rio and purchasing two Copag deck sets or by mailing in a SASE to claim one. All the details are at this link clicking here or clicking the banner below.

Being that we are an official Copag seller, we wanted to let you know about this great opportunity to win your way to the World Series of Poker without having to partake in a satellite. It’s a pretty exciting time and no doubt whoever wins the prize worth $10,000 will have an equal chance to claim the top prize.

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Bank Club Casino History and its Casino Chips from Reno, Nevada

Bank Club Casino History and its Casino Chips from Reno, Nevada

To understand some of early Nevada Gaming, you have to look back at a few things. First, the state of Nevada was founded in 1864. Until 1931, there was a variety of illegal gaming. Freshman Nevada Assemblyman Phil Tobin introduced a bill to make gaming in Nevada legal statewide in 1931. The bill passed and was signed by Governor Fred Balzar.

What is interesting about this law passing is that there were some gaming venues that because of this law that became legal in 1931 after applying for a gaming license. The day prior to this law being signed, they were illegal gaming joints. One of those casinos that were illegal but then became legal after that because of the law was the Bank Club Casino in Reno, Nevada.

Quoting from, “Bank Club was licensed at 239 North Center St., Reno, after many years of illegal gaming.” The date of that occurring would be March 30th, 1931 which would be 11 days after the bill was signed into law. According to research, the official grand opening of legal gaming there was at the beginning of April.

The history of Bank Club was that after it was opened, it reportedly billed itself as the largest casino in the United States as it was one of the earliest legal gaming operations in the state of Nevada. Depending on how you look at gaming circumstances, some say it was the first legal casino in Nevada, but others have different perspectives based on the history of the state.

What we know for sure is that it was one of the earliest. There were some other gaming outfits that got gaming licenses before the Bank Club including the Northern Club. However, those would not be recognized as traditional casinos today according to some gaming historian discussion research I did online. If we use the worlds recognizable casino, then it would be the Bank Club, but this one is for sure up for discussion. The other early licensed ventures lacked the table game environment we are known to seeing in a casino today that the Bank Club Had.

As far as the casino itself, it was open from 1931 to 1952. One of the legendary matchbooks from the place advertises it as Known The World Over and having one of the finest collections of liquor in America as well.

Below you can find our entire 16 chip lot of Bank Club Casino chips that range from the 1930s through the 1950s. You can purchase them at the link clicking the picture:






Some History of Casinos and Casino Chips from Jean, Nevada

Some History of Casinos and Casino Chips from Jean, Nevada

Over the past year, we have done some weekly newsletters on casinos and casino chips from Sparks, Wendover, and Laughlin among other cities in Nevada. Today, we are going to focus a little bit on Jean, Nevada and its casino history.

For starters, Jean, Nevada is a small Clark County, Nevada town. Before the name Jean, it was called Goodsprings Junction, Nevada. It is located on a mountain pass. In 1905, the postmaster of the town changed the name to Jean in honor of his wife. According to my research, there are reportedly no residents in Jean. However, there are people who live in nearby communities.

Like many other cities in Nevada, Jean would end up bringing in some casino gaming to entertain those who were passing through.  According to Chip Guide, the first casino in Jean, Nevada was the Tower Club Casino which was also named Tower Club, Sy Redd's. It opened in 1968 and closed officially at the beginning of the 1980s.

In 1989, Gold Strike Resorts opened up a really cool casino in Jean called the Nevada Landing. The hotel and casino were designed as a riverboat theme. It reportedly had over 300 rooms, hundreds of slot machines, table games and one could even get married in Jean just like Las Vegas. In 1995, the resort was sold to Circus Circus Enterprises which led to it be owned by MGM Resorts International. The casino closed in March of 2007 and was demolished a year later. The sign for the hotel was removed in 2010.

Nevada Landing’s sister casino property was known as the Gold Strike Hotel and Casino. That was built by Dave Belding and a few other business partners. Because the Gold Strike did so well, that was why the Nevada Landing was built after Gold Strike. The Gold Strike had over 800 hotel rooms and a 40,000 square foot casino. As we already mentioned, MGM would come in acquire both the Nevada Landing and Gold Strike in 1995.

When Gold Strike was left standing after the demolition of the Nevada Landing in 2007, MGM would hold on to the Gold Strike to 2015 when it sold the casino and hotel to Jett Gaming which was owned by the Herbest family and the resort would be renamed to a Terrible’s Road House Casino in November of 2018.

A fun fact, today, the former site for the Nevada Landing Hotel and Casino sits the world’s largest Chevron Gas Station that has 96 pumps. The reason for the gigantic gas station is there are 55,000 travelers each day who pass through Jean, Nevada. In addition, there are also 60 restrooms.

One other interesting casino story from Jean, another casino called the Primadonna Resort and Casino actually was not located in Jean. It actually is reportedly 12 miles south of Jean, Nevada in a city now known as Primm as of 1996. When the casino opened in 1990, Jean was the city they put as part of their address. The resort’s name today is called Primm Valley Resort and Casino.

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Las Vegas History Series: Honest John’s and Jolly Trolley Casino

Las Vegas History Series: Honest John’s and Jolly Trolley Casino

This week, we are going to focus on a Las Vegas casino that had a few different locations during the 1960s and 1970s. According to my research, Honest John’s had locations at both 2440 Las Vegas Blvd. South and 304 E Ogden Ave. The 2440 Las Vegas Blvd address was actually located right across from the location of the Sahara where the now Bonanza Gift Shop stands.

The 304 Ogden address was the location in Downtown, Las Vegas. According to a program that shows you a visual of the address today, that Downtown Las Vegas location was near where the Downtown Grand is today. The location would end up at one time becoming Lady Luck.

All of the locations used similar gaming items such as tokens. The location at 2440 Las Vegas Blvd had table games. The one in Downtown Las Vegas reportedly may have only had slot machines. However, they did have free souvenirs for everyone who came by.

The location across from the Sahara also had a liquor store. Payroll check cashing was also offered. For marketing purposes, the casino gave out tokens good for 5 free lucky jackpot nickels. There were also free hot dog coupons. One of the slot glasses had a nice slogan that said, Honest John’s, “He’s in Europe”. Casino gaming would end at 2440 Las Vegas Blvd S in 1974.

From 1977 to 1981, the 2440 Las Vegas Blvd S address became a casino by the name of Jolly Trolley. To get people interested in going there, Jolly Trolley would pass out a coupon book that was an $18 value. It included everything from a free breakfast to a free lunch to free drinks and a free phone call. These book coupons would be redeemed at the casino redemption booth. One claim to fame of the Jolly Trolley was that it was a casino that also had a strip club inside. They also had a 99 ½ cent burger. As far as table gaming goes, single deck blackjack was there.

A famous Las Vegas movie connection, according to some research I did from Vintage Las Vegas online, famous Chicago outfit mobster Tony Spilotro, known as Nicky played by actor Joe Pesci in the movie Casino, had leased out a jewelry store near the Jolly Trolley called Gold Rush. The property and Jolly Trolley were owned by a guy named Don Petit.

Though it might be known today as a famous shopping plaza, 2440 Las Vegas Blvd has a lot of history in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas History Series: 101 Club, 101 Club Bonbeck, Inc. and Opry House Casino

Las Vegas History Series: 101 Club, 101 Club Bonbeck, Inc. and Opry House Casino

This week in our Las Vegas History Series, we are going to cover three casinos that were at the same address. Located at 2540 N Main Street in North Las Vegas, casino gaming began at that location in 1955. What’s interesting about this gaming establishment in North Las Vegas is that it began under one of the pioneers in Nevada Gaming Don Laughlin. Don Laughlin, of course, is named after the Nevada city Laughlin who some say the smaller gaming city is like an older version of Las Vegas.

Don Laughlin saved enough money to be the owner of the 101 Club according to a Riverside Resort website source. He spent ten years at the 101 Club to he sold the property. He would end up getting $165,000 for it. After that, Don would embark on a journey that would forever contribute to Nevada gaming history. That is what makes the 101 Club famous and an important part of Nevada casino history.

Aside, they use to have steak and eggs for under $1, 2 for 1 drinks between 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and they even had matchbooks where there were coupons on them for free drinks. One even billed the 101 Club as Don and his wife Betty’s establishment. 

In 1969, well after Don Laughlin had departed from the 101 Club, the name was then changed to the 101 Club Bonbeck, Inc.. What’s interesting about this era is the chips would have the casino’s full name on it, unlike its predecessor. But both chips had a hat and cane mold. Some of the chips for the 101 Club Bonbeck, Inc. were overstruck with a $ sign. The place would end up closing in 1973. 

In 1978, the address would have a new gaming establishment called the Opry House. Like other casinos of that era, the place had slot machines and slot machine tokens. The chips for this era of gaming at this address also were hat and cane as well. It would end up closing in 1985.

Today, the surrounding area where these three casinos were is a Dotty’s. They are known as a gaming chain that runs a kind of business called a slot machine parlor. 

Below you will find our three sections of chips for purchase of the 101 Club, 101 Club Bonbeck, Inc., and the Opry House. 

101 Club Chip:

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101 Club Bonbeck, Inc. Chips:

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Las Vegas History Series: Ambassador, La Mirage, Anthony’s and Key Largo Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas History Series: Ambassador, La Mirage, Anthony’s and Key Largo Hotel and Casino

This week in the Las Vegas History Series, we are going to take you back to a South Florida themed hotel with the Key Largo Hotel and Casino. It was located just a mile East of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Opened from 1997 to 2005, the casino was over 9000 square feet of gaming space and the hotel had over 300 rooms.

Before it was the Key Largo Hotel and Casino and tribute to the Florida Keys, it opened in 1974 as part of the Ambassador Inn Hotel chain. By 1978 like many things in Vegas, gaming would end up coming into this resort. However, the Ambassador name would remain. 1981 would bring a new $1 million dollar renovation under new owners.

In the year of 1982, the casino portion of the resort would end up being closed down due to the reported poor economy at the time. During the time it was open, reportedly the Ambassador Casino had six blackjack tables, over 100 slot machines, and one craps table.

In 1986 the name would end up changing to the La Mirage Casino. It would be run at the time by the Rabone family. While Nicholas Rabone was under investigation for skimming money while he was at the Continental Hotel and Casino, the casino was granted a two-month gaming license. After nothing was found from the investigation, the family received a 12-month gaming license.

Another hotel in town named the Mirage Motel sued the La Mirage because they said it would cause customer confusion. But on July 1, 1988, the year before the opening of the Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip, Steve Wynn paid both businesses a reported $250,000 to stop using the Mirage name. The name of La Mirage’s casino would be renamed to Anthony’s Casino. The Hotel’s name would change to the Quality Inn. 1993 it became the Quality Inn and Casino.

By 1997, it would become the Key Largo Hotel and Casino and that South Florida theme would finally arrive. There was reported to be a $7 million dollar renovation. The opening date was August 29, 1997. There were four blackjack tables, a roulette wheel, and over 200 slot machines and the casino would later even add a sportsbook in 1999. Tourists liked the place for the cheap hotel accommodations and a $1.99 hamburger.

The end of the Key Largo would be in 2005. According to the Las Vegas Sun the Clark County Commission approved a proposal to build a condo tower with 905 units there. A resort project that never materialized was also planned. Some believe the reason for the Key Largo’s downfall was that Ellis Island and Terrible’s/now Silver Sevens were more appealing to patrons on that side of town. The gaming license for the land expired in 2007 and that was all she wrote.

Unfortunately, there are multiple stories about fires occurring at the abandoned resort and squatters living inside. One included back in 2008 where a man was trying to steal copper wire from the building and he did not realize the power was still on. He would end up starting a fire. He reportedly suffered burns on the majority of his body.  Then in March of 2013, another fire broke out and over 100 firefighters were called to the scene. There were over $4 million dollars in damage. No bodies were found inside the remaining pieces of the resort. Demolition work was conducted and approved that year.

If anyone has any memories of the Key Largo Hotel and Casino, please send me along a message. I’d love to hear your stories. Below you can find our chip collection and cards from Ambassador, La Mirage, Anthony’s and Key Largo Hotel and Casino. You can purchase each clicking the picture.

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Las Vegas History Series: King 8 Hotel and Casino and Wild Wild West

Las Vegas History Series: King 8 Hotel and Casino and Wild Wild West

Located at 3300 West Tropicana, this area just West of the Las Vegas Strip has had gaming since 1974. It is one of the smallest casinos no doubt, but the area became a popular stop for truck drivers going through the night.

In 1974, King 8 was opened by owners Olind Jenni and Will Roberts. The random and very interesting part about the owners was they actually had a hotel also in Alaska under the King 8 name as well. Of course, there are no licensed casinos in the state of Alaska. The few tribes that have any kind of gaming in Alaska are restricted to bingo and pull tab games.

Getting back to the King 8 Hotel and Casino, one of their mottos was luxury at budget prices. To this day, it has always been known as one of the more economical hotels and casinos near the Vegas Strip. One of the tokens that were made for the casino even had a big truck on it to pay tribute to the drivers who spent the night there as they were making their way through. The sign for the hotel and casino had light up red letters and a rectangle shape.

14 years into owning King 8 Hotel and Casino in 1988, a hotel investor group named Trust out of Los Angeles, California purchased King 8. In 1996, it would then be taken over by J.A. Tiberti Construction Company. They would then end up making a partnership with Station Casinos in 1998. More than 20 years later, it has been a Station Casino operation since.

The King 8 officially closed in 1998 for a remodeling job.

After it was re-opened, the name was changed to Wild Wild West. You can see a photo below of what it looks like today:

In 2009, Station Casinos partnered with the Days Inn Hotel franchise so that the hotel and casino could be marketed under the well known national hotel brand. All the employees are still employed by Station Casinos, however.   

Today, what’s fun about the Wild Wild West is if you visit, it’s got a very cozy feeling to it. They have a sportsbook with a few rows of chairs and a bunch of TVs, some slot machines and a few table games. There are over 250 hotel rooms to stay in and a 24 hour Denny’s restaurant.  If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay minutes away from the South end of the Las Vegas Strip, Wild Wild West is the place to be.

Below you can find our casino chips and cards to purchase from both King 8 and Wild Wild West:

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Casinos and Casino Chips in Sparks, Nevada

Casinos and Casino Chips in Sparks, Nevada

With a population of more than 90,000 people, the town of Sparks, Nevada has a lot of casino gaming. There are currently more than 10 casinos in the city. This week, I wanted to take you through some of Sparks Casino history and show you our collection of chips from there.

According to the World Casino Directory, there are over 3000 slots in Sparks, Nevada and gaming machines and over 50 table games. There are even a few poker tables as well. Reportedly the largest casino in Sparks, Nevada is the Nugget Casino Resort. It has 1600 rooms and 52,000 square feet of gaming space. The resort is formerly Dick Graves Nugget and John Ascuaga’s Nugget. The original opening of the place was in March of 1955.

Reportedly, Rail City Casino is second biggest with close to 900 slot machines, seven table games, and two poker tables. It is actually run by Affinity Gaming. In the food department, Rail City is known for its $9.99 rib eye steak dinner special. They also have separate steak and seafood buffets.

Another one of note, formerly the Silver Club Casino, it is now called Bourbon Square Casino which has a New Orleans theme to it. It originally opened as Danny and Don’s Bar in 1961. A fun fact, before it became the Bourbon Square Casino, Max Baer Jr. who was one of the actors from the show The Beverly Hillbillies tried to buy the Silver Club Casino but was unsuccessful. Though Bourbon Square Casino does not have table games, it has some of the newest electronic games in the state of Nevada.

(Editor's note: I have been informed that the Bourbon Square casino recently closed.)

So that’s a little history of some of the casinos in Sparks, Nevada. If you’ve ever been to Sparks and been in some of the casinos, send me an email back. I’d love to hear some of your stories.

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Las Vegas History Series: The Carver House Hotel and Casino & The Cove

Las Vegas History Series: The Carver House Hotel and Casino & The Cove
With this being Black History Month, I decided it would be great to do some research and pay tribute to some of the African American Casino history in Las Vegas. We, of course, know about the history of the Moulin Rouge and its history of being an integrated casino that would lead to a few years later all casinos in Las Vegas being integrated.

Today, I am going to tell you about The Carver House Hotel and Casino and The Cove. To begin, the Carver House was located at 400 W Jackson Street. It was located just one mile away from the famous Fremont Street Experience. The Carver House was an African American hotel and casino that was built to provide entertainment for the community in the 1960s.

Looking at a historical photo of the front of the Carver House, the resort billed itself as a place that had craps, keno and liberal slots. Besides the gaming aspect, there was also a showroom that included music acts such as Paul Bryant from the jazz scene, Norris Patterson who Mary Wilson of The Supremes mentioned in her famous memoir Dreamgirl and Supreme Faith as one of the great musicians she had a chance to work with and Patience Valentine who was also part of a famous music group called The Flairs. A side Las Vegas fun fact, Mary Wilson was a resident of Las Vegas to 2015. 

The Carver House Hotel and Casino opened in 1961 and would end up closing in 1965. From 1965 to 1966 the resort would be named The Cove to that ended up closing as well.

As always in the city of Las Vegas, many things come to an end as the building for the resort was demolished reportedly about 30 years ago. From its six-year run only one mile away from The Fremont Street Experience, this resort was no doubt a hangout for great music, gaming and a place where African Americans and others could be entertained and enjoy themselves. Below you can find all the casino chips for purchase from The Carver House and The Cove. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture:


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 Though many of you have already taken advantage of our 2018 WSOP decks over the last week, I just wanted to give you one last reminder about them for now as we have them for sale. Click the picture below to see all the different variations of the 2018 WSOP decks we are selling.

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2018 WSOP Decks Are Now On Sale

2018 WSOP Decks Are Now On Sale

We are excited to announce that the 2018 World Series of Poker used tournament decks are now for sale. We just got them in. Every year, poker fans and others purchase these decks to play with and collect. Like past World Series of Poker cards, the decks are in both the colors red and black.

Some fun facts looking back at the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event that was won by John Cynn for 8.8 million dollars that I was able to look up on the Internet via Poker News stated the following:

One: There were over 7800 players that played the $10,000 buy-in Main Event. It was the second largest tournament in WSOP history.

Two: The Main Event tournament had the most value in play chips in history with a total of 393,700,000.

Three: There were 760 card dealers for the Main Event.

Four: The average age of a male or female player is in their 40s.

Five: Around 1700 card decks were used.  

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The 2019 WSOP is going to be the 50th anniversary of the poker tournament. Before the Main Event, there is going to be a mini main event tournament this year with a $100 buy in. This year, there will also be a special tournament called the Big 50 with a 5 million dollar guaranteed prize pool and one million dollars to the winner. The events will occur from May 28th to July 16th.

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