Why Every Card Player Should Have A Custom Card Guard

The game of poker is a game of personalities. An individual may wear black sunglasses to protect your eyes and be mysterious or a hoodie to cover your head. Some do the black glasses, baseball cap and hoodie to hide their facial expressions. Hand to hand, things can change on a poker table.

A card guard is used at a poker table to help protect one’s cards from being seen by other players and to prevent the dealer at the table from accidentally taking their cards. Some people refer to a card guard as a card protector because it protects your cards.

Besides the clothes, another way one can show their true personality at a poker table is the card guard. Though there are many standard card guards with famous catchphrases a person can purchase, why not take it to the next level by having your own logo and writing on it.

We at Spinettis Gaming have the ability to do just that. It truly makes a great gift for the poker player in your life. Whether you want to put their initials on it, a favorite photo or something else, many things are possible. You can have the same thing on both sides of the card guard or two completely different things.

There are two different styles of card guards. One has the word Nevada and the other has Call, Check, Raise and All In around the outer edges. Both sayings come in a variety of colors that include silver, gold, copper and a variety of other styles.

If you are a serious card player or know of one, then getting a custom card guard is the right choice and makes for a great gift. You can click our photo below to purchase a custom card guard and see all the different styles and learn more. Before we go to production, we send you artwork an approval email to make sure the card guard meets your specifics.

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