Casino Chips, Christmas and the Christmas Tree Casino

In the month of October, we told you about some of the history of casino chips and the holiday of Halloween. Now we are going to tell you a little about casino chip history and Christmas.

To begin, like Halloween, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas also has chips for Christmas. This set shown in the picture below are three $5 Christmas chips. Whether you are interested in Santa rocking out with a guitar, angels or a Santa Claus license plate, these chips are great to have in a holiday chip collection. The chips are from 1996, 1997 and 1998. You can purchase them below on Ebay clicking the photo:

What may be considered the biggest worldwide holiday of the year, it is probably no surprise that there was actually a casino named The Christmas Tree. It existed in Reno from 1948 to 1964. The sign in Reno, Nevada read The Christmas Tree Inn and it was located on the Mount Rose Highway. When it comes to food, one of its ads from history says, “Famous for Mahogany Broiled Steaks”.

An aluminum drink token from the 1940s bearing the words The Christmas Tree says the place was open Wednesday through Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday. A fun fact, one style of their casino dice had the words Xmas Tree on it. So why did the place close? According to one of our employees, a customer who came into our store in Downtown Las Vegas told him that the owner had passed away.

In our collection, we have a few chips from the Christmas Tree Casino you can see below. One chip is a $5 chip from 1957 and the other is a $25 chip from 1963. Clicking either chip picture will take you to our website to find more information on it and you can purchase it.

Aside from chips, there are also Christmas casino tokens. In 2003, the Riviera made this $10 dollar gaming token. It says on it Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth. You can purchase it on our Ebay site by clicking on the picture as well.

Even the holiday of Christmas has casino chips. For those in Las Vegas or will be, come by and see our holiday lights and check out our in-store holiday sale. From tables to gaming supplies, we have many items on sale that are worth checking out. Some of our in-store holiday sale items below include our talking donkey card guard, hank crank shuffler, 2 deck card case and WSOP tournament deck among many other items.


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