5 Ways to Protect Your Casino Chip Collection

As you know by now, we at Spinettis Gaming Supplies are about many things. One of them is having the biggest showcase of obsolete casino chips in Las Vegas from past and present casinos. Many of those chips are here on our website for you to purchase to build your collection. But after you have purchased those chips, you have numerous possibilities to protect and show off your casino chip collection.

In this article, we’re going to go over the numerous ways one can show off their chip collection or protect it.

  1. Chip Inserts and Frames

If you are someone who has a wide collection of chips and would like to show off your collection in your home or place of business, then chip inserts and frames are a way to go. You could organize your chips by a certain era of Las Vegas, denominations or perhaps have a set of chips that is all from one casino in your insert. Our inserts come in a variety of sizes that include 12 chips, 20 chips, 35 chips, 63 chips and 99 chips. An insert is great if you are someone who wants to use their own frame.

However, if you are somebody who wants to buy a chip frame, we can accommodate that too. The benefit of buying the frame is that you can pick your chips out and go right to work and hang your collection with our black frames that fit 12 chips up to 99. We also have a variety of different styles that show off Las Vegas and the state of Nevada that coincides with your collector Las Vegas chips. Aside from frames, we also have showpieces that one can put on a desk or table. For example, our Nevada shaped Wooden Frame fits 7 chips. You can find your lucky seven and show them off. Find more information below clicking the picture. 

  1. Casino Chip Binders

Another collecting industry that uses binders is none other than trading cards. If you are someone who wants to collect casino chips like trading cards, then our Casino Chips Binder is a perfect choice. Like trading cards, you can show friends when they come over your collection of chips in your own Casino Chips binder by flipping the pages. Chip binder pages are available to hold 12, 20 or even 30 chips. So there is no doubt a way to collect casino chips like trading cards. See them below by clicking the picture. 

  1. Air Tite Chip Holders

If you would like a way to preserve your casino chips, but you still want to be able to show your chips to friends and people who come over, then an air tite is a great option for someone to hold the chip in their hand but not damage it. There are collectors who sometimes come into our store in Las Vegas and ask what size air tite is the best for a casino ship. The answer to that question would be 39 MM is the best size for casino chips. The 40 MM is recommended for home gaming chips, but you can also use size 40mm as it is only a one-millimeter difference. You can buy them below. 

  1. Vinyl Chip Flips and Mylars

 An advantage to the vinyl chip flips over the air tite is that it is more easily accessible to take the chip out of the protective package and show it to someone. For easy access to actually feeling the texture of the chip, the vinyl chip flip is the way to go. The vinyl flips actually cover both 39 MM and 40 MM chips. Additionally, we also have vinyl flips for oversize Baccarat chips separate and apart from that. Vinyl flips could also go in another form of protection such as a sealed case or bag if you want to prevent any possible damage when not showing them off. See below at picture:

Aside from the flips, we also have mylars. One of the advantages to mylars is that you can actually write on the cardboard to keep inventory of each chip. To keep them in the mylar, we recommend that you either tape or staple them depending on whether you want to take them out again or not. You can see them also below:

  1. Plastic Chip Stands with Air Tites

If you are somebody who wants to show off their chip, but you are not interested in a frame, the plastic chip stand with air tite is a great way to show off your chip and know that it is protected at all times. This is recommended for a mantle, desk or someone’s living room where you can put your favorite chips next to other trophies, photos and important memories. Casino chips and poker chips will fit both of these. See below:

Whichever way you go, it is better to have one or a few of these options above to protect your casino chip collection.  

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