Casinos, Brothels and Chips from Beatty, Nevada

With a population of a little more than 1000, Beatty, Nevada has a great small-town story and history. It is 120 miles away from Las Vegas. The town is more than 100 years old. It was founded in 1905. It was named after a man by the name of Murray “Old Man” Beatty. He ended up being the town’s first postmaster. The town was also known for its burro/donkey races that took place from 1961 to 1972. Mining is also a part of the history of Beatty.

When it comes to casino gaming, the first casino in Beatty opened in 1952 according to Chip Guide. The Beatty Club was opened to 1976 and was a cocktails and gaming lounge establishment. It was located on Highway 95. According to The Chip Rack, there were only three casino chips used for the gaming during its history. All of them are rated Z-1 or higher for their value.

Opened in 1983, Stagecoach Hotel and Casino continues to operate. It has 80 hotel rooms, slot machines, and some table games. A Gateway to Death Valley is one of the city’s slogans. It is advertised on one of the tokens.

Another cool landmark is the Sourdough Saloon. You can see a picture of it below we took recently. This casino does not have table games. It only has slot machines. Pizza, beer, and slots is what this establishment advertises.


Finally, back in 1906, the Exchange Club was established. It is a 24-hour casino, restaurant, and bar. The casino does not have table games today. It only has slot machines. According to Chip Guide, the casino gaming started in 1954. See a picture of the place below.


Below you can find our collection of casino chips from all the different casinos in Beatty, Nevada. Click each picture to purchase the chip.






Aside from casinos, Beatty, Nevada is also known for its brothel history. Being part of Nye County where many brothels have operated, some of the famous ones from the past in Beatty include Angel Ladies, Frans Star Ranch, and the Shady Lady Ranch. You can see our brothel chips below that tribute those places. You can purchase each by clicking the picture.



Finally, one of the cool spots in Beatty is a place called Happy Burro Chili and Beer. It’s known for its chili dogs, burgers and they even have a veggie burger. Some say it’s the best food in the small city. You can see a picture below.




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