Casino Dig Chips: Dig It?

One of the most popular things in our store in Las Vegas in recent years has been the discussion of casino concrete foundation and the old casino chips that were found in the concrete.

As the Chip Guide website states about some of these chips, “Examples were found embedded in concrete when the New Frontier casino was demolished in November 2007. Many are damaged, either broken or colors are blanched.”

A dig chip is an old casino chip that was buried in the concrete below a casino resort. When the New Frontier Casino was demolished, a variety of casino chips and tokens from Las Vegas, Laughlin and even Jean, Nevada were found in the concrete foundation. Those places included the Sands Hotel that was just South of the Frontier, Pioneer Hotel and Gaming Hall in Laughlin and Pop’s Oasis in Jean, Nevada.

After talking about dig chips in the office, we decided we would bring out all the dig chips and tokens from those places we have to sell.

When it comes to Las Vegas history, the chips from the Sands are from the 1970s. A few of them buried in the concrete were the $5, $25 and $100 Sands chips that had the Hughes Nevada Operations logo on them, which is seen on the chip as H.N.O.. Those chips were made during the period when Howard Hughes owned the Sands Hotel and Casino. Those chips in great condition go for hundreds of dollars and have always been sought after. We have a few of those for sale and some others you can find below.

So, the next time a casino gets demolished, are you up for some digging? In the meantime, you can find our list of dig chips below for purchase.

The Sands $5 Hughes Nevada Operations chips are $20. You can purchase one clicking the picture below:


The Sands $5 baccarat chips from the 1970s are $15 each. Click the picture below to purchase:


The Sands $20 baccarat chips are $20 each. Click the picture below to purchase:


The Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall $1 chips are $2 each. Click the picture below to purchase:

The Pioneer Laughlin $5 chips are $4 each. Click the picture below to purchase:


In the picture below, I have 5 of the 25 cent chip, one of the $25 chip and one $100 chip. The 25 cent chip is $2, the $25 chip is $3 and the $100 chip is $4. If interested in any of these, send me an email to to purchase.

In this lot, we only have one each/ The Half Sands $25 HNO chip is $5, the MGM Grand Reno $5 Chip is $10 and the Little Caesars $5 chip is $5. If interested in any, send me an email to

If you’d like a token from the dig, we have ones from Pioneer Laughlin that are $3 each. You can buy those clicking the picture below:

If you want some more worn dig chips from Pioneer Laughlin, those are $2 each. They can be purchased clicking the photo below:

Below you will find what we have left of the concrete foundation with tokens. The price for each one is $45. If you are interested, send me an email to


New Caesars Palace Matching Dice Pairs:

We just got in a limited quantity of Caesars Palace matching dice pairs. The cost for a pair is $15. If interested, click the picture below to purchase:

Sands Ashtray for Sale:

Going back to the Howard Hughes days we were talking about earlier with the chips, this Sands Howard Hughes ashtray is only $10. If interested, send me an email to

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