New Dice, Tokens, Chips and More at Spinettis

This week, we wanted to show you some new casino and gaming items we have for sale at Spinettis.

New Casino Dice:

We just got in a limited supply of matching dice pairs for The Venetian and Palazzo. The price for each pair of dice is $15. If interested, click the photo below of them to purchase.



This Rio Dice pair below is $7. You can purchase clicking the picture:

We have one pair of each color of these very cool M Resort Dice. The price is $25. If interested in any of them, send me an email to

More Hard Rock Chips:

First, this Vegas Vic Hard Rock Las Vegas $10 chip is really cool. The price is $25. If interested, click the picture below to purchase.

We also have a cool assortment, one of each shown in the picture, of Hard Rock chips from various locations around the world. We also have Hard Rock chips from different holidays. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of them, send me an email to They are $5 each.

Location chips:

Holiday chips:

Starburst chip barrels:

If anyone is interested in purchasing quantities of 20 of any of these Starburst chips in various colors shown in the picture below, the price would be $1.50 per chip. Send me an email to

Stardust Token:

We have a limited supply of this Stardust Hotel and Casino token. The price is $3. It can be purchased clicking the picture below:

Las Vegas Hilton Baccarat Layout:

This regular size baccarat layout from the Las Vegas Hilton is $95 with free shipping. If you are interested, send me an email to 

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