Casinos around the World
With all the World Class casinos in Nevada and especially in Las Vegas it is easy to forget that Las Vegas doesn't have the monopoly on World Class casinos.  
Outside of the United States people will often think of exotic Macau in China or luxurious Monte Carlo in Monaco as the other gambling meccas of the world. Not many people would answer Kenya; Kenya, in the Heart of Africa's east coast, has the world class Paradise Casino. Surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful gardens and a full casino offering American and European style games.  This is the most cosmopolitan hotel in Nairobi.  
Panama City, Panama also boasts many 1st Class casinos although they are often dwarfed in size compared to casinos in Las Vegas. Often what they lack in size they make up for in character.
Casino Paradise Jeton

These great looking European jetons were recently used in the casino. The Casino Paradise (or the Casino de Paradise) which is located in the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi Kenya. It is Nairobi's most cosmopolitan hotel and hosts Kenya's largest theme park.

The resort boasts fine dining, stage shows, a complete spa, lounges and a full casino offering American roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, slot machines and a few Asian table games.

Casino Paradise Casino Plaques

These great looking European Plaques were recently used in the casino. 
Panama Casino Chips
Actual casino USED chips from 3 different Panama Casinos.

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