Las Vegas History Series - Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino
Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino

In 1987 the former Sundance Hotel, owned by mob affiliated Moe Dalitz, was sold to the Lincoln Management Group (later to be known as the Fitzgeralds Management Group).  They reopened the hotel with the new name Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino.  
The Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino quickly became a focal point of downtown Las Vegas popular with tourists and locals alike.  Unfortunately, popularity does not always mean financial success and in 2001 the Fitzgeralds Management Group filed for bankruptcy and The Majestic Star Casino LLC, owned by Don Barden bought the Fitzgeralds.  This purchase made Don Barden the first African-American casino owner in Las Vegas; Don Barden would own the Fitzgeralds until his death in 2011. 
After Don Barden's death his estate sold the Fitzgeralds to the Stevens brothers, the owners of the nearby Golden Gate Casino.  The Stevens brothers renovated the hotel at a cost of $22 million dollars and in the Fall of 2012 rebranded the Fitzgeralds as The D Hotel & Casino, proving that in Las Vegas "everything old is new again."
Fitzgeralds Casino Chips

Here at Spinettis we have many different chips from the Fitzgeralds ranging from NCV Tournament Chips to regular rack gaming chips
Chips from the Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino are a great addition to any collection of Las Vegas Casino Chips. 
Sundance Hotel
Before becoming the Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino it was the Sundance Hotel. Add a touch of Las Vegas history to your collection with these chips from the Sundance Hotel.
Fitzgeralds Casino Cards
This setup comes with 2 bridge size decks, one red deck and one blue deck. They are made by Gemaco, the decks are 100% plastic and are brand new. They come in a blue box for safe keeping. These are authentic casino cards from the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas casino.
Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino Dice
Add a pair of  collector Fitzgeralds Dice from the Plaza Hotel & Casino to your collection. They also make the perfect souvenir or gift from your time in Las Vegas.
Fitzgeralds Casino Marquee Sign Lighted Replica
Beautiful Fitzgeralds Casino Las Vegas light up sign replica. Can be stand on a table or hang on your game room wall.

Dimensions: 15" tall x 12.5" wide x 3.5" thick

Made in USA.

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