World’s Largest Casino Collectible Show at South Point Weeks Away

It is amazing to think that we are only a few weeks away from the World’s Largest Casino Collectible Show at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or trade casino chips, dice, tokens, cards, silver strikes or many other things, everything is possible at this show. It’s the ultimate place for a person who loves to collect casino memorabilia.

For collectors, it is the best chance for them to fill some of the gaps in their collection. Like every other year, we plan to be there again this year all three days. More information about the event can be found at

The schedule for this year’s event is as follows:

Thursday, June 21st: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Early Entry at 9:00 AM for pre-registered members)

Friday, June 22nd: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Industry day equals free admission with a casino employee id)

Saturday, June 23rd: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (No admission charge on Saturday)

What you can expect from the Spinettis Gaming Supplies Booth this year:

  1. There will be some casino chips that will be on display for sale that we don’t keep in the store.
  2. The big bucket of $5 chips will be back again this year and people will have the chance to find some true gems in the collection.
  3. Stop by for our world famous cookies. They are always a hit at the show every year.

If you have never been to the show, you can view a video of some of the 2017 show by clicking the picture below:

We look forward to seeing everybody at the show next month. One of the interesting facts from us is that we had a chip go for $1800 in the yearly auction. It’s the most expensive chip we have ever sold at the event. Here’s the official flyer below if you wanted to see it:

Items of the week:

If you are interested in vintage chip carousels, we just got these four different ones in. If you are interested in purchasing, send us an email as always to or call us at 702-362-8767. You can identify it with the price of the one you want.

Since we have been sharing the casino ashtrays last month, you’ve been buying every single one. Here are 3 more you can purchase individually or you can buy all 3.  We have a classic Flamingo for $9.95, a Cal-Neva (formerly Frank Sinatra's place) for $7.95 and a Las Vegas Hilton for $7.95. As always, if you're interested, please send us an email at or give us a call at 702-362-8767.

Those looking to collect an early Park MGM $5 chip, we just got in a limited quantity. You can purchase one by clicking the photo below:


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Gail Joslin

When is 2019 auction?

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