Five Things to Know about the 2018 WSOP: Starts May 29th

If you know anything about the staff of Spinettis Gaming Supplies, the discussion of poker is a common thing around the store environment. Some of our company have actually played in WSOP events and other competitive poker tournaments. We always enjoy the fact that players during the tournament schedule come into our store and buy a lot of different things that are poker and non-poker related. We look forward to seeing some of the WSOP competitors again this year.

Looking through the Internet, this is what we found out about this year’s events that are taking place from May 29th to July 17, 2018.

One: The World Series of Poker Main Event will be broadcast in its entirety on ESPN and Poker Central. Also, expect the Big One for One Drop tournament to get the same media coverage treatment.

Two: The Big Blind Ante is going to be in play this year. The big blind ante will pay the ante for the entire table in some of this year’s tournament offerings.

Three: There are 78 events this year including someone online tournaments on Of course, you need to be in Nevada to play those, but if you are more into the online poker route, there are some options for you this year.

Four: Speaking of The Big One Drop, it is the first time the charity poker tournament will be played since 2014. Millions of dollars are raised for the One Drop Foundation which focuses on water initiatives.

Five:  For players who are looking to save money on transportation this year, many are telling newbies coming to Vegas for the first time that Uber and Lyft are the best way to get around town.

What we love about the World Series of Poker is after the tournament is over, we get the used tournament decks and final table decks from the tournament to sell to fans of poker. You can see below the ones that were used at last year’s 2017 events.

You can purchase a single 2017 WSOP deck of red or black for $5.95 below by clicking the picture:


If you’d like to purchase a set, we sell both for $10. You can click the picture below to purchase those:


If you are a fan of the 2016 decks, we have now dropped their price to $4.95 per deck. You can click the picture below to purchase:


Focusing on final table decks, we sell the 2016’s individually in red or black or you can buy the set of two decks with the case. Click the picture below to purchase the one you desire:


If you are someone who goes through a lot of decks, what better way to be economical than getting 144 WSOP 2016 decks for $2 a piece. You get 72 red or 72 black for $288. Click the picture below to buy the case.


New Plastic Poker Decks Have Arrived:

Over the last week, we got in two new setups of casino decks that are great plastic cards for poker games.

First, we have this setup that comes with two decks that were poker/tournament/casino used. You get one green deck and one brown deck with this great green box for $10.


Second, A Plus Decks are a popular choice of decks for poker players. We just got them in. We have two sets that include a blue and red deck and the other includes a green and brown deck. They won’t last long. As always, click the picture below to purchase.


We are open Memorial Day May 28th:


For those in Las Vegas this Memorial Day Weekend, we will be open on Monday, May 28th. We are open Memorial Day May 28th for normal business hours. 10 percent off in our Downtown Las Vegas store ONLY for any city, county or state official, and military.

Ebay Auction:

Starting Sunday, May 27th, you can bid on this chip from Bucket of Blood:

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