Las Vegas History Series - Hacienda Hotel & Casino
Hacienda Hotel & Casino

Opened in October of 1956 costing $6 million dollars with 266 rooms and the largest swimming pool on the Las Vegas Strip when it opened.
Less than one year after the Hacienda opened the owner,  Warren "Doc" Bayley, formed the Hacienda Airlines offering travel packages from Los Angeles that included air travel from Los Angeles, California to the hotel and casino chips for free play.  At its height the airline included a fleet of 30 aircraft of various models.
After Bayley's death in 1965 his widow took over management of the casino until her death in 1972.  The property was then sold to Allen R. Glick who was later determined to be a front man for organized crime interests.  In 1977 the Entertainment Director of the Hacienda Paul Lowden bought out Glick's interest in the Hacienda. But soon after the Nevada Gaming Board voted to deny Lowden a Gaming License due to his association with Glick. This was overturned by the Nevada Gaming Commission again shortly after.
In 1995 the Hacienda was bought by Circus Circus Enterprise and by December of the next year the hotel was closed.  It was demolished the next month, January of 1996, and three years later Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino rose out of the ashes of the Hacienda.
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