Las Vegas History Series - Silver Palace Casino
Silver Palace Casino

When the Silver Palace Casino opened its doors in June of 1956 this "ultra modern, million and a half dollar club" (1956 Las Vegas Sun) at its First Street and Fremont St. location it brought a number of 'first' to both Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. 
The Silver Palace Casino was the first two level casino in Las Vegas and the escalators, called 'motor stairs' then, connecting the casino on the First Floor with the restaurant on the 2nd Floor were the first ones installed in Southern Nevada.  
At the time of its opening the Silver Palace was one of the larger casinos in Downtown Las Vegas, designed to accommodate 200 slot machines plus multiple craps, blackjack and roulette tables.  
Its innovative V-shaped theater bar featured nightly performances by musical groups.   
The lead designer, Lee Linton, incorporated the style of French artist Henri Matisse in the design of the interior of the casino to create an atmosphere of splendor throughout the casino.
The Silver Palace Casino was a bright spot in Las Vegas for eight years before it was sold and changed to the Carousel Casino in 1964.
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