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Dunes Hotel & Casino

The Dunes Hotel and Casino opened on the Las Vegas Strip on May 23, 1955.  During the first few years of operation the Dunes struggled to stay afloat.  The casino frequently had to borrow money and even the rival Sands Hotel and Casino once lent the Dunes its executives to help the casino out.  In a move of desperation in 1957 the Dunes opened, to great controversy at the time, the first topless show - calledMinsky's Follies.  The Nevada State Legislature "was in an uproar" and in attempts to stop this, and other, topless shows imposed many rules and regulations (for example there was a law stating that the women could not move while topless) but the show was a success and consistently set and record attendance and box office numbers.
In 1961 a 24 story tower was added to the Dunes increasing the number of rooms up to 450 and making the Dunes, at the time, the largest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  The addition of the tower brought more financial problems to the Dunes and the hotel closed its doors for a year. In 1965 the Dunes was bought by two businessmen, Major A. Riddle and Jake Gottlieb, who had ties with the Chicago Mob.
In the mid-1960's Dunes added a 35-foot tall fiberglass Sultan over the main entrance of the hotel.  This became a centerpiece for the hotel and it stood till 1985 when it was moved to the Dunes Golf Course, until it was burned down in a fire caused by an electrical short.
In its early years the Dunes was also known for bringing in top celebrities and entertainers to perform it its showroom.  Such as Frank Sinatra and Johnny Elvis Foster, the first Elvis Impersonator to perform before Elvis died.
In 1979 a second tower was added bringing the room count up to 1300 rooms.  
In 1983 Cliffton Perlman, the founder of Caesars World, agreed to buy the Dunes and took over operation of the property for several months but the sale ultimately fell through. In 1987, Japanese investor Masao Nangaku purchased the Dunes but he could not make the now aging Dunes a financial success.  
In 1992 the Dunes was sold for the last time to Steve Wynn's company, Mirage Resorts Inc. for $75 million dollars. Within a year the Dunes closed its doors for the last time. In October of 1992 the  Dunes was imploded in spectacular fashion that included fireworks and simulated cannon fire from the "H.M.S. Britannia" from theTreasure Island Hotel and Casino.
The Bellagio Hotel and Casino now stands where the Dunes once stood welcoming the next generation of tourists to Las Vegas.
Dunes Hotel & Casino Chips

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