Las Vegas History Series: Arizona Charlie’s Hotel and Casino and Upcoming Casinorama Event

This week’s Las Vegas casino coverage actually involves a casino at two locations in Las Vegas. There just is not one Arizona Charlie’s actually. It is known as mostly a local hangout. The locations are on Boulder and Decatur.

The creation of these two properties comes from a longstanding family by the name of Becker. Their early projects included a bowling alley with slot machines. In the early 1970s, the son of the Becker family decided to move to Las Vegas and then had the desire for the bowling alley to expand into a casino. The name Arizona Charlie’s comes from a relative “Arizona” Charlie Meadows. He was actually a performer in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

The Decatur Location opened in 1988 for 18 million. By 1994 there was an expansion of an additional 40 million dollars. Even Carl Icahn who many known as part of MGM invested in this local casino brand in Vegas.

The company that owns the resorts today is Golden Entertainment. They also own the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin.

Three quick facts about the Arizona Charlie’s

One: There are 559 rooms between the Boulder and Decatur locations of Arizona Charlie’s.

Two: The two locations are just over 10 miles apart.

Three: By locals, it is considered a great place for breakfast, cheap eats, and bingo according to the Best of Las Vegas Award Contest.

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Speaking of Arizona Charlie’s, we are just around a month away from the Casinorama 2019 Casino Collectibles Show where you will be able to find lots of casino chips and other memorabilia. This takes place at the Arizona Charlie’s Decatur location. If you are a collector, this is a show not worth missing. See the flyer below for more details. If you plan to be in Vegas, make sure you stop by.

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