$20 Casino Chips: An Overview

When it comes to $20 casino chips, there are two reasons why $20 chips have been used on casino tables. 

The first reason is an easy one. You will see some of the casinos from the past have $20 chips that say baccarat on them from Dunes and Aladdin. The $20 chip is used in baccarat because of the five percent commission. 

The second reason was poker when you play a $10/$20 game. In research for this newsletter, I came across a few articles who talked about the use of a $20 chip in the game of poker.

Finally, even though a $20 chip was used for those two games, it does not mean you could not take a $20 chip to the blackjack table for example. You very well could put down $20 on a hand. 

Below you will find our collection of $20 chips to purchase. Simply click the picture on each one to purchase: 









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