Five Casino and Gaming Items for 2019

As we close 2018 and move forward to 2019, I just wanted to mention a few items I think would be great to have in 2019. A few of them are great $5 bargains. Happy New Year’s from Spinettis Gaming Supplies.

One: 2019/2020 Calendar: If you are a fan of Las Vegas, how could you go wrong with our 2019/2020 calendar? There are some great pictures of the city’s best sights. The best part is that it is only $5. You can purchase clicking the picture below:

Two: Two-Deck Card Cases: If you are somebody who would like to show off some of your most valuable or favorite cards, one of our two deck card case boxes is a perfect choice. Each of them is five dollars. Choose from either a wooden two deck case or a box with the card suits. You can purchase either clicking the photo below:

Three: 2019 American Casino Guide: If you are someone who visits casinos frequently, then purchasing the American casino guide for $18.95 makes a lot of sense. There are many great gaming, buffet and other coupons in there that will no doubt pay for the price of the book. You can purchase it clicking the picture below:

Four: 2019 Chip Rack: For all the serious chip collectors out there who like to follow the pricing, the 2019 edition of The Chip Rack was just released. Buy it below and you can get up to date with the latest in the chip collecting industry:

Five: For those who like to take road trips or travel, buy our 200 chip or 300 chip cherry wood case setups. The 200 comes with 4 chip trays and the 300 comes with 6 trays. Play some poker games and enjoy your drink at the same time. The 200 chip case is $15 and the 300 chip is only $18. Please note that the 300 chip case may have some slight damage on the outside, but it does not hinder the usability of the case and set.

WSOP Decks on Sale. One last chance:

To the end of year, you still have a chance to get the 2016 and 2017 WSOP decks at a discounted price.

The 2016 decks are $3.00 down from $4.95 when you enter the promo code wsop2016 at checkout. Click the picture below to purchase them.

The 2017 decks are $4.00 down from $5.95. Enter the promo code wsop2017 at checkout. Click the picture below to purchase them.

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