Custom Casino Layouts and Real Casino Layouts:

From Kenya to California to celebrity Snoop Dogg, we have done custom layouts for a variety of businesses, people and places in the world. Sometimes people come to us and want a layout because they have either built a table or they acquired a table and want to put a new layout on it. What is most fun about this process is the creative aspect. Getting to do layouts for all types of events, organizations and individuals makes it interesting. Please note we are not allowed to print any images on our layouts that consist of copyrighted material unless the person who owns the image can prove they are the copyright holder.

Below I am going to show you some of our past work and give pricing. Anyone who may be interested in a custom layout can give us a call at 702-362-8767 or email us at if you have any specific questions or want to order one and we will get the ball rolling.

Blackjack layouts (half circle layouts):

What’s fun about these layouts is the customer can open their mind up to a lot of creative possibilities. With this layout example below, we added graphics for the cards, the betting stations, and the right and left corners. Font styles, colors and sizes are all optional as well. Layouts for this type start at $150 and come with a $35 artwork fee. Depending on if extra work needs to be done, sometimes there is an additional minimum charge of $95 for art related things.

Custom poker layouts:

When it comes to layouts, poker table ones are one of the more requested games. Whether it be for an event or for a personal man cave, you will find a lot of different creative poker tables. When you are doing a layout with us, we also send a proof before it goes to production. Poker layouts start out at $200 and $35 for artwork. Again depending on how complex the job is, we may have to charge an additional $95 for the artwork time.

Craps Layouts:

Not too long ago we had a gentleman reach out to us who was building a craps table in California. He ended up naming the layout after his name and the word casino followed. There was also a gentleman you might know by the name of Snoop Dogg. You can see a craps layout we made for him below.

Here are the price ranges for a craps layout. Depending on the complexity of artwork on craps layout, there may be an additional $95 charge for art again.

8 foot: $300 plus a $35 artwork setup

10 foot: $335 plus a $35 artwork setup

12 foot: $370 plus a $35 artwork setup

14 foot: $395 plus a $35 artwork setup

Roulette Layouts:

There are even scenarios where sometimes we get students who will become dealers in casinos who would like to have a custom layout made. The great thing about roulette is it can either be right handed or left handed depending on what you are looking for. Our roulette layouts go for $300 with a $35 artwork fee. Depending on the artwork again, a minimum additional charge of $95 could be added. See an example of one below:

Casino Layouts:

Perhaps you have a table and you want to have your own casino layout. Here are some ones we currently have up for sale that is a variety of different cool styles.

This one is a new blackjack layout from Silverton Casino. Asking price is $95. You can buy it on Ebay clicking the picture below:

For roulette, this is a pretty cool one from the London Club which was inside the Aladdin on the Vegas Strip. One of its great qualities is that it is wool material. Asking price is $199.00. You can purchase below on Ebay:


Finally, if you want to have the ultimate craps layout, this 12-foot one from the Golden Nugget is one of a kind. You can purchase it for $350 clicking the picture below. It is also made of wool material.

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