Cool World Series of Poker Collectibles

We are excited to say that the 2018 World Series of Poker is underway. Last week, we showed you a variety of poker cards and tournament decks that have been used by the WSOP in the past. This week, we’re going to show you some cool WSOP collectible items. Some are on our website, some are just sold in our retail store. However, you can send us an email and buy these items not online of course by calling us at 702-362-8767 or sending us an email to So let’s begin.

If any of our newsletter subscribers are coming to Vegas to play in any of the WSOP events, would love to know and hear your stories. We hope you stop by as well and say hello. Due to the weather, we’re back to free water season at Spinettis.

One: World Series of Poker and Champions Tournament Chips

If you are a longtime fan of the World Series of Poker, perhaps there is a card player that you are a fan of.  We have chips for champions and milestone achievers that include Berry Johnston, Lyle Berman, Chris Ferguson, Dan Harrington, Noel Furlong, Barbara Samuelson, Marsha Waggoner, Carlos Mortensen, Jay Heimowitz, Barbara Freer and Mel Judah. Price on each chip is $4.95. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, send us an email to or call us at 702-362-8767.

Second: WSOP Chip Card Guards:

For those who would like a WSOP chip in an air-tite to use as a card guard, we have the colors white and light blue, white and grey, blue and green available. These are $3 each and make a great gift. You can see them below. To purchase any of these, send us an email to or call us at 702-362-8767.

Three: Speaking of WSOP Card Guards, we have some cool metal ones with different sayings on them. All of them are $4.95. You can see a few examples below. They are available in gold, silver, copper, gun metal and black. 

Sayings include:

Your Sunglasses Don’t hide that you suck

Who needs a woman in black and gun metal

I’m Still In The Hunt in 


All I need is a chip and chair 

May the poker gods be with you

Deep Stacks for Me 

Who Needs a Man 

Poker is Not My Life 

I Hope You Lose

Four: WSOP Hoodie: We just got in this cool WSOP hoodie in size x-large. It’s available for $65. You can see pictures below. If you’re interested, send us an email to or call us at 702-362-8767

Five: Before Copag became the official card of the WSOP, they use to be from the brand Bicycle. You can get this set of two decks and the case for $9.95 clicking the picture below.

Six: We also have these cool new decks from 2014 that are new for $12.95 with a case. You can click the picture below to purchase.

Seven: Everyone knows that now the WSOP is being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. If you are someone who is building a table and wants to add a very high quality, high end chip tray to your table, this dealer tray from the Rio is made of brass. The price on it is $350. Send us an email at or call us at 702-362-8767 if interested.

Eight: We just remind you one more time, if you haven’t seen it yet, we have the 2017 WSOP decks in stock now in black and red. You can buy an individual deck for $5.95 clicking the picture below. 

Nine: If you want to buy a pack of 2 WSOP decks that come in the color black and red, you can do so for $10. This is online only.

Ten: We’re now selling a full case of either the black or red 2016 WSOP Decks for $325. So if you want one color, you can now have 144 decks of the same color. Click the picture below to buy whichever color you want.

Cool items of the week:

You continue to buy ashtrays, so we will continue to show them to you.

This one is from Dunes. There is a minor manufacture issue viewable between the letters n and e in the tray in the glass. Price is $9.95. Send us an email at or call us at 702-362-8767 to order.

We're also showing you three colored glass ones this week. We have a green one from Bill & Effie's Boomtown near Reno, a green one from El Captain from Hawthorne, Nevada and a blue one from the Overland Hotel and Casino in Reno Nevada. All 3 go for an individual price of $7.95. Call 702-362-8767 or send us an email to if interested.

Ebay auctions of the week:

 Here are a few cool chips to bid on from El Conquistador and Desert Club you can bid on starting Sunday, June 3rd. Click the pictures below to bid.


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