Casino Dice Sticks for Sale, Craps History

When casino grade dice are introduced into the game of craps, they come in a set of five dice. These five dice all have the same number. The word for these five dice is a stick.

The game of craps began in Europe. It was called hazard. In the United States, the game of hazard became simplified into what is known today as craps. Hazard first appeared in the United States in the early 1800s in New Orleans, Louisiana.

During World War II, it became a popular game among soldiers. They would use a blanket for a surface to roll on. After the war, craps gained popularity in casinos in Las Vegas.

Post 1960s, the game expanded to other parts of the globe including Europe, Australia, and Macau. In the early 2000s, craps became popular through online casinos. With the game now being online, it has now been introduced to a worldwide audience.

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