Today we have several new 100% Plastic Decks made by Dal Negro! These decks are of high quality and similar to the ones used in casinos. The first decks are actually a setup. You get one red deck and one blue deck. These are 100% plastic are poker (wider) size decks and use the standard index size. They come packaged in a box for safe keeping. Click on the pictures below for more information.

The next two decks are bridge size and use the regular index. They come in either brown or in green and come with their own plastic case to keep the cards from getting lost. Click on the pictures below for more information on these decks.

The last two decks are Torcello decks they come in poker size and also use the standard index. They come in either red or blue. Click on the pictures below for more information on these decks.

Dal Negro are great decks to purchase, they are 100% plastic and are made to last. They are made in Italy and are great quality. The price definitely makes it a great buy, keep in mind that for those looking for other quality 100% plastic decks we do also carry Copag and KEM cards. Click on the link below to check some of those out!

Copag Playing Cards

KEM Playing Cards

If you have any questions regarding the decks mentioned above or anything regarding your home gaming needs, give us a call at 702-362-8767 or email us at

From all of us at Spinettis Happy First Friday and have a safe and great week!


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Is the surface of the Dalnegro cards smooth finish or a bit textured?
Do you carry any plastic cards that have a textured surface?
Which plastic card is thinnest?

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