We recently put up two chip sets that have Authentic Used Casino Chips! These sets not only make for a great collector's item but also allows you to have a unique set of chips that few far and in between would have for use in a poker game! The first set is a 500 Chipco made Freddies Club Chip Set. 100% Ceramic Chipco made chips! This set is comprised of 325 - $5 chips, 135 - $25 chips and 40 - $100 chips. Freddies Club was a Casino in Auburn, Washington. The set also includes a 500 chip black aluminum case, a $14.95 value and 2 used Casino Decks. Below are a picture of the chips that are part of the set along with a picture of the set itself. The price for the set is $349.95! We only have this one set DO NOT miss out on such an opportunity.

Click on either picture to go directly to the chip set!

The next set is an incredible set any collector would be proud to have. It is a 300 Dunes Chip set. Some people might settle with having a Dunes Commemorative chip set which by all means is a beautiful set in itself. How amazing would it be though, to be able to bring out a 300 chip set of real, authentic used Dunes Chips when your friends come over to play!? This set comes with 150 - $5 chips, 100 - $25 chips and 50 - $100 chips. These Dunes chips are from the 1980's with the Dunes Golf Course Inlay. The Dunes Hotel was a hotel and casino that operated from May 23, 1955 to January 26, 1993. It was the tenth resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio now stands where the Dunes was once located. Literally you would have a piece of history in your hands with this chip set!

Click on the picture below to get all the details on this fabulous chip set.

Keep in mind that we also do sell these Dunes collectible chips individually as well. Click on the pictures below to go to those chips!

We are still getting new items so keep on coming back to our blog and reading our newsletter to know what else we are getting!

From all of us at Spinettis Thank you always and have a great week!!

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