The Holidays are upon us and with it some last minute shopping is taking place. Here at Spinettis we decided to share with you quick items you can get for stocking stuffer and or in addition to anything else you may have gotten for your special someone. For starters we have a Welcome to Las Vegas DVD or on Blu-Ray that gives you a view of Las Vegas unlike before. With spectacular aerial video of the city we love and know as Las Vegas. Click on the pictures below for more details! Next up we have a 20 mix used Casino Dice pack available that includes 10 different pairs of authentic used Casino Dice from Casinos here in Nevada. None of the Casino Dice are drilled and make for a great gift with history behind it. Click on the picture below for more information on this item:

Next up we have a ten pack of used Casino Playing Cards all of them from different casinos and a 24 pack of used Casino Playing Cards. These decks were used either on the Blackjack or Baccarat tables at the casino and are canceled meaning that the corners are clipped. These decks are great to use for playing any home game and or to have as a collectible item. Click on the pictures below for more information:

We have plenty of items for just about anyone. And if you have someone who is quite difficult to shop for or you just do not have a clue as to what to get them but you know they either love Vegas items or love adding stuff to their home gaming rooms you can always just purchase a gift certificate for them! Click on the link below for more information on those:

Gift Certificate

We have several weeks to go until the new year is upon us but if you have any questions at all regarding any of the items listed above or any questions regarding your home gaming needs please give us a call at 702-362-8767 or email us at We are always happy to not only help you but educate you in the best way possible to facilitate and make your home games be more fun than ever.

From all of us at Spinettis have a great weekend!


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