Stupak - The Ultimate Game of Skill & Chance Board Game

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Stupak - The Ultimate Game of Skill & Chance Board Game

Stupak The Game brings the challenge and excitement of seven real casino games into your home, all together in a "winner take all" competition. It's family fun for adults and older children - all in simplified form, so even beginners can play. You each start with $10,000 and watch your fortunes rise and fall as you try to bankrupt the other players. The action begins at the Slots and gains momentum as you move from game to game, following the simple instructions and playing tips inside. It soon climaxes at the roulette wheel, when one players emerges with all the money.

Stupak The Game takes less than an hour to play, and is so much fun you'll want to play over and over again.

Seven games in one - winner take all!
- Slots
- Blackjack
- Keno
- Super Bowl
- Craps
- Poker
- Roulette

Equipment inside:
- Game board and Football Field
- Roulette wheel with 2 balls and a winner market
- 6 Erasable keno tickets
- 80 Keno numbers and a shaker
- 6 Keno crayons
- Pair of standard dice
- 3 Special "Slots" dice
- Deck of Standard playing cards
- 200 plastic chips (100 black, 50 blue and 50 red)
- Football marker
- Instruction booklet
- Playing Guide (on back of keno tickets)

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