Free Drink Chips - Martini Glass Token/Tokens For Promotions

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Feel like offering a drink as a promotion??? Pass these chips out to every person deserving of a "FREE DRINK" or "COCKTAIL" to promote traffic to your business! Free Drink Chips/Tokens For Promotions. Commonly used for bars, restaurants or special events to increase sales and build a customer base. The art is casino quality hot stamp on a durable 11.5 gram clay composite chip. This chip contains the words "GOOD FOR ONE DRINK" on one side with a picture of a martini glass with the words "1 Drink" next to it on the other side of the chip.

While is our stock color, other colors are available for a 15 per chip up charge. Just give us a Call.

We have 12 other different colors available. If you choose a different color that is not the default you MUST order a minimum of 50 chips or your order will not be processed.

-White -Green -Blue -Red -Black -Yellow -Orange -Purple -Gray -Pink -Brown -Burgundy These chips weigh 11.5 grams each. They are a clay and acrylic composite chip with a metal weight center that makes the chip very durable. Click on Detailed images to see both sides of the chips.

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