Copag Magic 310 Series Playing Cards Gaff with Red or Blue Decks


$8.95 USD 
SKU: 5411068410017


Copag 310 series introduces the exclusive True Linen B9 Finish for supreme and the ultimate flourish.

This GAFF + Copag 310 (Red or Blue deck). GAFF decks contain different types of specially designed cards that can be used in combination with Copag 310 Standard decks to perform astonishing magic tricks. 

This deck are made for magicians and cardists.

Gaff Includes:

  • 8 Blank Faces
  • 4 Black Cards
  • 2 Card Reveals
  • 15 Double Faces
  • 8 Blank Backs
  • 5 Split Faces
  • 14 Double Backers
  • 1 Tuckbox Reveal

Copag 310 series is developed closely together with expert players, cardists and magicians for over 2 years. The exclusive True Linen B9 Finish of the Copag 310 deck ensures supreme handling and longevity and is developed specifically for the pursuit of the perfect slight and the ultimate flourish.

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