Bounty Chips


$0.30 USD 
SKU: SKU17545 - 01
Color:  Red


Feel like head hunting at your next tournament? Pass these chips out to every player to be added up at tournaments end or as players get knocked, or give them out to only certain players for rewards based incentives!!

These chips are stamped on the famous double dice chip and sold individually. While Red is our stock color, other colors are available for a 15 per chip up charge. We have 6 other different colors available. If you choose a different color that is not the default you MUST order a minimum of 50 chips or your order will not be processed.

These chips weigh 11.5 grams each. They are a clay and acrylic composite chip with a metal weight center that makes the chip very durable.

If you need different color chips please contact us.

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