1000 Chip Case with 3 Card Slot


$34.95 USD 
SKU: SKU19684

Executive 1000 count locking Carrying Case. This is a carrying case for 1000 standard (39mm-40mm) poker chips, 3 decks of cards and 10 dice. This Executive case has a center latch unlike most cases on the market. Be aware it will be very heavy when filled with the popular 11.5 gram chips--35 pounds. You have to remember that the 35 lbs is a lot of weight and you need to handle it with care! The case measures 21 1/5" X 15" X 2 1/2", it has a black felt-lined interior, 10 slots that hold 100 chips each, 3 card slots and 2 slots for 5 dice.

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