The Eldorado Casinos of Nevada

This week, we are going to tell you about two casinos with the name Eldorado that were located in Nevada. One was in Henderson. The other was in Reno.

Eldorado Casino in Henderson:

To begin, the Eldorado Casino in Henderson served gamblers for almost 60 years. It was open from 1962 to 2019. Before it became the Eldorado Casino, it was The Wheel Casino for one year. In 1966, the famous Boyd Gaming family of Bill and Sam bought the place for less than $10,000.

By 1977, the casino’s area had grown to more than 30,000 square feet. During the time that Boyd Gaming owned the casino, it served as a training ground for casino executives because it was a small place.

Though it was a small casino, there were two renovations totaling over $2 million in its history. Today, it is now The Pass Casino. It reopened its doors on April 1, 2021. You can play slots, blackjack, craps or roulette there. It also has a sportsbook. In 2020, Boyd agreed to sell the casino to DeSimone Gaming. The new owners also own Railroad Pass Casino. 

Below you can find all of our casino chips for sale from the Eldorado Casino and the new chips from The Pass for purchase. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture.


1/4 Pie Chip 1964                                        25 Cent Chip 1964 


50 Cent Chip 1962                                         Cancelled $1 1960s


$1 Chip 1960s                                                         $1 Chip 1960s


$1 Chip 1964                                                           $5 Chip 1990


                           The New Pass Casino $1 and $5 Chips 

Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno:

This resort opened in 1973. It is still open today. When it opened in 1973, it had just under 300 hotel rooms, nine table games, a few hundred slot machines and keno.

Because the casino had been so commercially successful, there have been numerous expansions. Today, the hotel portion now has over 800 rooms. The resort also has an entertainment showroom that seats over 500 people. Additionally, a microbrewy is on site called The Brew Brothers.

Today, there are over 1500, slot machines, over 50 table games, a lounge for the game of keno and a sportsbook. The resort is also adjacent to the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino.

Below you can find our casino chip collection from the Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture:


25 Cent Chip 1986                                        $1 Chip 1986


$1 Chip 1980                                                  $1 Chip 1970s


$5 Chip 1991                                                        $5 Chip 1970s


$5 Chip 1970s                                                     $5 Chip 1970s


$5 Chip 1983                                               $5 Chip 1989

Eldorado 5 NCV Chip 

Check out the new $1 Chip from Golden Gate and $2 Golden Nugget chip below. You can purchase either by clicking the picture:



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