Illegal Gaming History Series: Bridge Street, Hollywood & Merchant’s Club

On this Tuesday, we focus on three more illegal casinos we have chips for.

Bridge Street Club:

This was another illegal gaming operation located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. According to the Texarkana Gazette, “Was more of a sawdust joint.” It was also a place where you could make a wager on any horse race taking place in the United States. You could play any major casino game here. It closed in 1967.

Hollywood Club:

Located in Toledo, Ohio. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, there were many illegal gaming opportunities in Ohio. It was opened during the years of World War II. Law enforcement invaded the joint on numerous occasions before it closed. It also had the name of Hollywood Theatre Café.

Merchants Club:

Located in Newport, Kentucky. It was a three story building with both a casino and dining hall. It was closed in 1961. Organized crime members Pete Schmidt and Charles Lester raided this place. It was run at one time by mobster Red Masterson. He received control of the establishment for burning down the illegal casino called Beverly Hills.

Below you can find chips from these three casinos for sale. You can purchase each one by clicking the picture:


Bridge Street Club $1 Chip                         Hollywood Club $1 Chip 


Hollywood Club $1 Chip                         Hollywood Club $10 Chip


Hollywood Club $25 Chip                      Merchants Club 50 Cent Chip


Merchants Club 50 Cent Chip                  Merchants Club $1 Chip 


Merchants Club $1 Chip                            Merchants Club $5 Chip

Plaza Blackjack table for sale:

This sit down blackjack table from the Plaza is $899 shipped. You can find more pictures and information by clicking the picture below: 

Casino chips

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