The $2.50 Casino Chip: See Our Collection

Today, we are going to tell you about the $2.50 chip. Between the $1 and $5 chip, there are $2 chips, $2.50 chips, $3 chips, and even $4 chips.

Now, it’s time to tell you about the $2.50 chip. First, what is interesting about our collection of $2.50 chips, which you will see below, is that they come in a variety of different colors. In doing research for the $2.50 chip, the first thing that comes up, of course, is that it was used for 3/2 blackjack.

When a person would hit blackjack at the table with $5 wagered, the payout back would be $7.50 of winnings. Some would refer to the $2.50 chip as a snapper in reference to when you would hit blackjack. Because they are used less in gaming than the $1 and $5 chip, some people believe it is more likely that you will see a $2.50 casino chip in better condition than those of other denominations.

Reading around the Internet on a variety of gaming discussions, you will also hear about how using a $2.50 chip can lead to the casino rounding up on future bet wins during blackjack and lead to some additional payout.

Another place a $2.50 could be used is as the small blind on a poker table for a 5/10 limit poker game.

Below you will find our entire collection of $2.50 chips you can purchase by clicking the picture of each.















Hard to find Boardwalk Roulette Chip Set:

This is a mint set of 477 Paulson roulette chips from the closed Boardwalk Hotel and Casino. This set is of 477 chips. $3 per chip. Set must be bought together. However, I also have 2 extra racks of the plum which is the rack in front for $200 a rack as well. A few of them are warped, but they are all perfect, sharp edges. What makes it most interesting is they're all the letter B for the former casino Boardwalk Hotel and Casino that was here in Vegas on the Strip. If you are interested, send me an email to and I can place an order for you.

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