All these $1 Chips are Now Only $5 at Spinettis

This week, we’ve gone through our website and lowered the price on a lot of our $1 obsolete chips. You can see that collection below and purchase each one clicking the picture.

But before we get to that, I want to dive into a few things on the $1 chip collector front. To make it easier now for those who just collect $1 chips, we are putting all the $1 chips current and obsolete into one big section. To easily navigate the $1 chip collection we have, you can now do that clicking the link here.

What is interesting about the state of the $1 chip is that many of the inlays are getting smaller on the chips. Why is that happening? Probably due to cost. See an example below of these $1 Binions chips for example.

Whatever the case may be, we got generous and decided to lower some of our $1 chips to $5 a piece. That collection is below for purchase by clicking each picture.












New Vintage Casino Hats:

We just got in all these vintage casino hats. If any interest you, send me an email to

Prices are as follows:

Circus Circus: $10

Treasure Island at the Mirage $11

Imperial Palace Blue $13

Imperial Palace Tan or White $15

Club Sahara $10

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