Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 7

By popular request and demand, we bring you volume seven of our high-end casino chips. We are listing these chips online so you can purchase them from our website. We are continuing to sell many of these rare and unique chips.

This week, you will see a variety of chips below from Dunes, Four Queens, Fremont and Frontier. Some of these chips are high denomination chips that you may have never seen before.

A few quick facts from some of the casinos we are featuring this week:

The Four Queens opened in 1966. The theme for the resort and casino was Victorian Carnival.

At the Four Queens, Hugo’s Cellar is considered by some to be one of the best old school/classic Las Vegas restaurants.

When the Fremont Hotel and Casino opened in 1956, it was the tallest building at the time in Nevada.

Wayne Newton’s early performing days in Las Vegas started at the Fremont Hotel and Casino at the end of the 1950s.

The only Tony Romas located in Las Vegas is at the Fremont Hotel and Casino. There is a $8.99 prime rib special daily from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

The Frontier Hotel and Casino opened in 1942 on the Las Vegas Strip during World War 2.

The resort had Elvis Presley’s first performance in Las Vegas in 1956. It also had The Supremes last performance with Diana Ross in 1970.

Below you can find this latest edition of high-end chips. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture below:


Dunes Red Roulette Chip 1955             Dunes Black Roulette Chip 1955


Four Queens 25 Cent Chip 1965             Four Queens $1 Chip 1965


Fremont 50 Cent Chip 1965                     Fremont 50 Cent Chip 1955


Fremont $1 Chip 1962                                 Fremont $2 Chip 1966


Fremont $5 Chip 1965                                        Frontier $5 Chip 1967


Last Frontier $1 Chip 1942                          New Frontier $5 Chip 1955  


Frontier Hotel $100 Chip 1988           Frontier Race Sports $500 Chip 1980s


Frontier Race Sports $1000 Chip 1980s    Frontier Casino $1000 Chip 1988


Frontier Casino $25,000 43 MM Chip 1992    Frontier Club $5 Chip 1960

Earlier this week, Circa Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opened up on the Fremont Street Experience. If you are interested in purchasing the brand new casino chips. We have limited quantities you can purchase below by clicking the picture of each chip:



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