Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 12

By ongoing popular demand, we are listing more of our high-end casino chips for sale on our website. We are continuing to go in alphabetical order. This week, we are going to showcase some chips from the old MGM Grand and The Mint.

Here are some facts about both of them:

The Mint:

One: Was located on Fremont Street. It opened in 1957. It closed in 1988.

Two: Most famously known for its part in the Hunter S. Thompson book and movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  

Three: When it opened, it was next to the famous Bird Case Casino that was only open for one year.

Four: At its peak, it was 26 floors. At the time, it was competing with the Landmark for the tallest building in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand:

One: Opened on December 4, 1973. Many of the celebrities who attended the opening festivities had starred in MGM Hollywood films.

Two: The hotel was 26 stories with 2100 rooms.

Three: The Rat Pack performed at what is now called the Jubilee Theater in Bally’s Hotel and Casino. The dressing rooms area upstairs for the performers include tributes to the Rat Pack with a variety of different framed pictures.

Four: The famous MGM fire took place On November 21, 1980. Because of the temporary closure, Clark County lost an estimated $1.7 million dollars in taxes.

Below you can find our high-end casino chips from those two places and some others.

 You can purchase each chip clicking the picture below:


MGM Grand $25 .999 Silver Chip 1970s       MGM Grand $25 Chip 1980s


MGM Grand $25 Prototype Chip             MGM Sands $100 Chip 1998


MGM Grand $100 Chip Fire 1970s    The Mint Redeemable Only Chip 1960s


                          The Mint Good for $1 Chips from the 1960s


The Mint 25 Cent Chip 1980                   The Mint 50 Cent Chip 1965


The Mint 50 Cent Chip 1973                       The Mint $1 Chip 1962


The Mint $5 Chip 1963                                   The Mint $5 Chip 1964


                                   The Mint $25 Chips 1964


Mint Casino Winnemucca Roulette 1955 Joe & Willie's Mint Casino $5 1980


Monte's Club 25 Cent Chip Winnemucca Mustang Club 25 Cent Chip Ely

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