Atlantic City Casino Chips for Sale: Volume 2

This week, we wanted to share with you some of our cool Atlantic City casino chips for sale. We have chips from The Brighton, Caesars Atlantic City, Claridge and Golden Nugget.

You can purchase any of the chips below by clicking the picture below:


The Brighton 1 NCV Chip                               The Brighton $1 Chip 


The Brighton 2.50 NCV Chip                     The Brighton $2.50 Chip


                                  Claridge Casino $2.50 Chips 


Hi-Ho Claridge Casino $2.50 Chip   Golden Nugget Atlantic City $2.50 Chip


                               Caesars Atlantic City $5 Chips 


Claridge Casino $5 Chip                             The Brighton $5 Chip


Golden Nugget Atlantic City $5 Chip          Hi-Ho Claridge $5 Chip


The Brighton 20 NCV Chip                  Caesars Atlantic City $20 Chip


Caesars Atlantic City $25 Chip                    Claridge Casino $25 Chip


Hi-Ho Claridge Casino $25 Chip                The Brighton 100 NCV Chip 


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