Some Casino History and Casino Chips from Fallon, Nevada

Fallon has a population of just over 8000. It was 1896 when the town was founded by a gentleman named Michael Fallon, who had a ranch in the area where the city is today.

Like other cities in Nevada, Fallon has its own history of casino gaming. This week, we are going to dive into some of those casinos and show you our chip collection from there below.

With Nevada legalizing gambling statewide in 1931, one of the earliest casinos appeared in Fallon, Nevada by the name of the Owl Club. A matchbook from the place advertised the phone number as 42 W. Cigarettes, cigars, beer, wine, and candies could also be purchased here. Inside the old matchbook was a list of mile counters from the casino itself in Fallon. Las Vegas is listed as 383 miles away. The casino would end up closing in 1948.

Reportedly, the largest casino in Fallon, Nevada currently is The Stockman’s Casino which has been opened since 1960. The square footage of the place is over 8000 feet with 25 percent of the city’s slot machines at that casino.

For all the casinos currently open in the city, there are reportedly over 900 slot machines and a total of four different tables games you can play in the town.

Another casino still open to this day is the Bonanza Inn which opened up back in 1976. With over 5000 feet of casino square foot space, 200 slot machines, the resort has 72 hotel rooms. I even gave them a call to verify the stop did have 72 rooms and they said I was correct.

The second largest casino reportedly in Fallon, Nevada today is the Church Hill Springs Casino which has just over 100 gaming options between their electronic machines and table games.

So that’s a little history of casino gaming in Fallon, Nevada. Below you will find our entire collection of Fallon, Nevada chips for purchase. You can purchase each one clicking the picture.











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