New Items at Spinettis Gaming Supplies: Part 3

It is that time again. The first thing we want to say is, boy, do we have a ton of new items available for purchase at Spinettis Gaming Supplies since our last installment of this a few weeks ago. All these items are available for purchase and can be shipped to the customer. Please give us a call at 702-362-8767 or email us at if there are any questions.

One: Dunes Poster: For many visitors to the city and local residents, it was a magical time in Las Vegas when the Dunes Hotel and Casino was on the Las Vegas Strip from 1955 to 1993. This poster is a great tribute to a home, office or even business setting that can get people to remember the past. The price for this poster is $99.95.

Two: Speaking of Dunes, you can now get a pair of matching number dice for $11.95 by clicking the picture below.

Three: This year, the Las Vegas Club was demolished and something new is going to take its place on the Fremont Street Experience. This roulette table is a great tribute to this now closed casino in 2015. Our asking price is $899.00 and the wheel is not included.

Four: Speaking of Roulette, we just got in this wheel from the Plaza Hotel & Casino. Passionate roulette players know what it would mean to have a 32-inch wheel in their home of this quality. This one goes for $3999.95.

Five: Sam’s Town Cut Town Craps Table: Imagine having a half craps table in your home if you didn’t have room to have a full table. This cut down version of a craps table from Sam’s Town is no doubt an interesting conversation piece to have. The going price on this is $2449.95.

Six: Plaza Blackjack Table: If Blackjack is your game, this nice sit-down Blackjack table from the Plaza would make a great addition to anyone’s home and game room. Price on this is $599.00.

Seven: New Suede Folding Chairs: Though we may not be a furniture store, we have some furniture that may appeal to someone you know for their living room. It does not have to be used for gaming. You will get 6 chairs for $275.00 or 7 chairs for $295.00.

Eight: Finally, we are very excited to introduce to you our latest craps table to the Spinettis Showroom. It is from the Planet Hollywood. The craps table is 12 feet long. A true gem for your home or game room as well. Price is $5000. You can see the photos below:

Reminder: 2017 WSOP Tournament Decks Now Available!

If you did not see our newsletter last week, we’re here to remind you that we just got in the 2017 WSOP Tournament Decks for sale. New styles of red and black.

You can purchase an individual deck here for $5.95 clicking the picture:

You can purchase a red and black two back for $10 clicking this photo below:



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