New Items at Spinettis Gaming Supplies

It is now time for another update of new items and merchandise we got back in stock at Spinettis Gaming Supplies.

How about this cool Las Vegas neck pillow? It can be purchased in either pink or blue for $13.95 clicking the picture below:

We have gotten in a new quantity of all of our Dunes commemorative chips. We have a good quantity of every denomination. You can purchase clicking the photo below:

These cool Las Vegas jumbo-sized playing cards are only $3.95:

Here’s a cool Las Vegas bottle opener magnet for $4:

We have all 3 crap stick sizes in stock again. You can purchase either the 36, 42 or 48 clicking the correct photo below:

36-inch craps stick:

42-inch craps stick:

48-inch craps stick:

Speaking of Craps, we have the black diamond rubber for sale again for $69.95. We also have the green as well.

We also got in a new quantity of our acrylic and wood dice boats. They are both $15. Click the picture below to purchase either:

We have a new style of transparent poker size card deck boxes that are great quality for $1.50 each:

We have some new roulette chips up from the Klondike Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nevada. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture:



Finally, we have a new style of Copag playing cards called Neo Culture. They are bridge size standard. You can purchase them clicking the photo below:



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