Casinos and Casino Chips from Elko, Nevada

In the past, we have told you about other cities in Nevada and some of their casinos. This week, we are going to tell you about Elko, Nevada and some of its casinos and chips. For starters, the city has a population of around 20,000. Elko is considered to be The Heart of Northeast Nevada. The town is comprised of ranchers, gold miners and a tourist industry that provides all kinds of jobs.

We are first going to talk about the Commercial Casino in Elko. What’s interesting about this place, is that it was originally a hotel built in the 1860s called Humboldt Lodging House. In 1941, it was renamed Commercial. What makes Commercial Casino stand out is that it has a gigantic polar bear outside the front of the casino. You can actually see a picture below. According to its website and Chip Guide, it only has slot machines in the casino today. At one point, it did have table games. See a picture of the place today below:

Second, in 1972, Red Lion Hotel and Casino opened its doors. Today, it claims to have the only live poker room in the city of Elko, Nevada. The 17,000 square foot casino offers blackjack, craps, roulette and three-card poker. To draw people in, there are slot tournament opportunities for seniors on Sunday. They also offer low odd minimum games starting at $5. Some customers were even offered a $20 free slot play.

Finally, one other casino in Elko, Nevada that we are going to focus on is Stockmen’s Casino. It originally opened in 1944. It has over 150 slot machines and several table games including blackjack and three-card poker. A restaurant at Stockmen’s called the Coffee Shop has everything on the menu for below $20. A 10-ounce New York Steak is $14.99. You can see a picture of it below:

What did we learn in our research about Elko? There are a lot of older and historic buildings. Like other cities in Nevada, Elko has its casinos and they are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime if you are ever in that part of the state.

Below you can find our entire chip collection from all the casinos we mentioned above and some others below. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture:












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