New Copag Magic Cards Are Here

We are dedicating a good portion of this week’s blog to the magicians who come by our store year round to find different kinds of cards to use for their acts. Aristocrat is one of the main card brands that they do come in to purchase.

For the magicians around the world, we now have a brand new line of Copag cards that are under the 310 brand. Each set will come with a parent deck. There are a few different choices.

Copag Svengali deck: The goal of a Svengali deck is to have alternated between normal sized cards and cards that are a little shorter. For the average magician participant, they are unaware that there is any difference to the card deck. They see it as a normal deck. At the end of the exercise, you end up realizing that all the cards are suddenly the same as the one the participant originally picked.

Copag Stripper deck: The ability to let a magician control how the deck goes is one of the main objectives of a stripper deck. The cards for the deck have a slightly angled edge. When someone picks a card and you turn the cards around and then their card is put back, you will be able to tell which card is the one they selected because it was put back in the deck the reverse way.

Copag Gaff Deck: You use this to go along with your parent deck. This deck includes 4 blank cards with red and blue backs, 4 double-sided blank cards, 4 double-sided blue and red back cards, some cards that have a blank white side and different card faces on the other, some double-sided cards and then random cards that have for example Ace of Spades on one side and 4 of hearts on the other.  

Reviews of the Copag cards by others have said they are great handling for the magician. We have a limited supply of each one. So make sure you dive in, get some and trick your friends.

Casino Token Price Guide:

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