New Chips from the Frontier Las Vegas Casino

With this week being the 12th anniversary since the demolition of the New Frontier Casino, we wanted to show you a new collection of chips from all the different chapters of the Frontier. These chips have just been added to our website. They are available for purchase below.

Before we get to that, I wanted to look back into some of the history of the Frontier and some fun events from it. To begin, it was the second casino/resort on the Las Vegas Strip. In 1942, it was named the Last Frontier. Before becoming a resort, it was actually a nightclub venue that had three different names. First, it was called Pair-O-Dice in 1930. Second, it was called The Ambassador Night Club in 1936. Finally, in 1939, it changed its name to the 91 Club.

This next statement is debatable. Was The El Rancho the first themed resort on the Las Vegas Strip or was the Frontier? Different sources have different statements about this one.

Next, many might recall that the Frontier was the first resort that Elvis Presley played at back in the mid-1950s. The reviews for the then 21-year old’s performance were not great. A writer for the Las Vegas Sun at the time said that Elvis would be more suitable as a lounge singer. Looking back, maybe some just were not ready for the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.  More of its prominent history included former President Ronald Regan, Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton and Siegfried and Roy who all entertained crowds there. And as part of his big acquisition of Las Vegas resorts, Howard Hughes once owned the Frontier.

From 1991 to 1998, there was a culinary workers union strike. It ended when Treasure Island and now Circus Circus owner Phil Ruffin bought the resort from the Elardi family for 165 million dollars. During the strike, 21,000 new rooms were added to the Las Vegas Strip. Jobs were restored and backpay wagers were paid to the workers. Also, during the strike, famous Las Vegas resorts the Landmark, Dunes and Hacienda all closed and were imploded.

There were plans to build a new resort/casino on the Frontier land called the Alon Las Vegas, but that never occurred. Wynn Resorts purchased the land and owns it currently. One thing that survived from the Frontier was Gilley’s Saloon, Dancehall, and BBQ that can now be visited at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Some call it was the best place to get authentic BBQ on the Strip.  Before it was closed, you could find $5 craps games there and cheap hotel rooms.

Below you can find our new collection of Frontier chips from all the different eras and names below to purchase clicking each picture: 









Here are a few other chips from our collection you can purchase clicking the picture below as well: 



You can purchase a deck of Frontier cards for only $2.50 clicking the picture below: 

We are also now selling a pack of 50 dice from the Frontier for $25. You can purchase clicking the photo below: 

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