Las Vegas History Series: Landmark Hotel and Casino and Our Chip Collection

This week marks the 24th anniversary of the implosion of the Landmark Hotel and Casino. The demolition occurred on November 7th 1995. In honor of this once great Las Vegas resort and casino, we have added our entire collection of Landmark Hotel and Casino chips to the website this week for you to purchase. You can see them all below.

Before we get to that though, I want to take you through some of the history of the Landmark. For starters, the long process to get the tower and resort finished was a long battle and challenge that went on for many years. Reportedly, the project took over 5000 hours of legal work and resolving 40 lawsuits before the place opened. 200,000 hours were spent getting this project finished. At the time, it was the tallest building in the state.

In 1968, the Landmark would find some financial stability when billionaire Howard Hughes stepped in to purchase it for over 17 million dollars. The deal was finalized in 1969 and that gave the businessman his sixth Las Vegas resort.

Eight years after the project started, the Landmark opened on July 1, 1969. Celebrities including Dean Martin, Cary Grant and Tony Bennett were in attendance. For the press that was there covering the opening, they said the atmosphere was like a Hollywood movie premiere. In the first week of operation, the resort reportedly lost five million dollars. In 1978, when the resort was sold to someone else, it reportedly had lost up to 15 million dollars at that point.

Over the years until it finally closed in 1990, it seems there were many people who had different visions for the Landmark and attempted to buy it. Many of those ventures were not successful. The implosion of the Landmark was featured in the movie Mars Attacks. In the Elvis Presley Movie Leaving Las Vegas, the Landmark is also seen.

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