New Casino Dice for Sale at Spinettis

Aside from the chips, tokens and cards, there are also dice collectors.

Over the last week, we have a listed a bunch of new pairs of dice for sale on our website. You can find them below. Click on each pair of dice to purchase:


Carousel Casino                                            Caesars Palace 


Caesars Tahoe                                              Caesars Palace 


Caesars Tahoe                                                    Caesars Palace 


Casuarina Casino                                             Castaways 


Circus Circus                                                  Continental Casino


The Cosmopolitan                                           The Cromwell


                                        Dice pairs from The D


Wilbur Clarks Desert Inn                              Sheraton Desert Inn


Desert Inn                                                     Casino Belle Dice


                                                 Dunes Casino 


Dunes Casino                                                 Edgewater Casino   

Additionally, see our Dunes dice sticks you can purchase clicking the picture below as well:

Those looking for a 14 foot casino quality craps table, for a good price, should look no further. This craps table with a padded armrest is $3995. You can find more information clicking the picture below:

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