Illegal Casino History Series: The Vapors

On this Tuesday, we wanted to continue our Illegal Casino History Series by telling you about The Vapors.  

It was another illegal gaming establishment located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was also a nightclub. A former World War II pilot was the founder. Dane Harris created The Vapors through money he made in an investment with the Belvedere Country Club.

The Vapors opened in 1960. Focusing on show business legends, reportedly Tony Bennett performed there. In 1963, a major explosion occurred at the location. It exposed the illegal gaming operation to anyone who went by The Vapors and saw the destruction.

The media even got pictures of the gaming equipment after the bombing. It would still take four more years for illegal gaming to completely disappear from Hot Springs in the year 1967. Even after there was no more underground gaming, The Vapors continued to exist as a nightclub and restaurant.

Dane Harris died in 1981. Even after his passing, The Vapors continued to operate into the 1990s. The building was sold in 1998 and became a church.

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