New Aladdin Casino Chip Collection for Sale

Over the next few months, we are going to introduce you to many new chips. We will be showcasing a unique collection of commemorative chips. There are commemorative chips in this collection that go all the way up to $100 and you probably have never seen before. They will all be for sale.

You will get a chance to see all of them here, but in case there is something unique you are looking for on the commemorative chip front, we would be glad to double check. You can email me at

Today, we are going to start with the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. You will find some unique $5, $25 and $100 chips in the collection below. All of these chips are in excellent condition.

You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below:


Boogieman's Ball (2002)   and   Boogey Man's Ball (2001) $5 Chips


Bryan Adams $5 Chip                           Chip Convention 2002 $5 Chip


United We Stand $5 Chip 2001             Bootacular Ball $5 Chip 2003


Happy Holidays $5 Chip 2001       Happy Valentine's Day $5 Chip 2002


Freedom Forever $5 Chip 2002         Happy New Year 2002 $5 Chip


Freedom Forever $25 Chip 2002      Aladdin Grand Opening $25 Chip 2000


Boogieman's Ball $25 Chip 2002           Bryan Adams $25 Chip 2001


Chip Convention $25 Chip 2002             United We Stand $25 Chip 2001


Happy Holidays $25 Chip 2001          Valentine's Day 2002 $25 Chip 2002


New Year's $25 Chip 2002                             $100 Baccarat Chip 1989 

Unique Circus Circus Chip on Ebay:

This Sunday evening, an auction will end for this special Circus Circus $100 Prize Unit Chip. There has been a lot of chatter about this chip over the last week. If you are interested in watching the auction or bidding, you can do so clicking the picture below.


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