Latest Edition of Illegal Gaming Casino Chips & History

We know that you have been anxiously waiting the return of our Illegal Gaming chip showcase.

Below you will find chips from a few different places and some history.

Citizens Club: Another illegal joint that was located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The casino was raided by the Arkansas State police in 1967. According to Arkansas Online, the place was not in operation at the time of the raid.

East Side Club: It was located in Rankin, Mississippi. The area was known to be a hotspot for illegal gaming according to It was known as the Gold Coast. It reportedly existed in the 1920s and 1930s. It was run by J.H. “Doc” Steed.

Tower Club: Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The address was 1626 Park Avenue in Hot Springs National Park. An article earlier this year in The Ringer, called it a, “Modest supper club on the outskirts of town.” According to Artwork Archive, it was located at the city limits. It was the first establishment to bring entertainers to the city. It opened in 1941. The illegal casino was in operation till 1964.

Turf Club: Another establishment in Hot Spring, Arkansas. It reportedly opened in 1954. While in operation, the establishment issued currency/redemption tickets. It billed itself as a business and professional men’s club.

Below you can find chips from all these places and purchase them by clicking the picture of each chip below:



Citizens Club $1 Chip                                  Citizens Club $5 Chip


Citizens Club $25 Chip                              East Side Club Chip


                                        Tower Club $1 Chips 


Tower Club $1 Chip                                      Tower Club $5 Chip


Tower Club $5 Chip                                   Tower Club $25 Chip


Turf Club Black Chip                                Turf Club Red Chip

Turf Club Lavender Chip

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