Las Vegas History Series - Westward Ho Motel & Casino
When the Westward Ho opened in 1963 it was the only casino motel resort in Las Vegas. During its existence the Westward Ho was also advertised as being the largest motel in America. The Westward Ho was owned by Dean Peterson and his siblings, Faye and Murray Peterson. 
The Westward Ho was known for its distinctly Western theme, the casino interior featured the colors brown and green with brass and Oak accents. The Westward Ho was also known for its unique champagne fountain, in the shape of a pyramid of champagne glasses, and free champagne cocktails to guests of the hotel twenty-four hours a day. 
When owner Dan Peterson died in 1997 the Westward Ho was put on sale by his siblings. In February of 1998 the property was purchased by the American Pastime West L.L.C.; ending the Westward Ho’s distinction as one of the few locally owned and operated casinos. 
In September of 2005 it was announced that the Westward Ho would be closing its doors and two months later at exactly 5:00pm on November 17, 2005 the lights of the Westward Ho dimmed for the last time. In January of 2006 the Westward Ho was approved for demolition. 
In 2012 the Las Vegas Sun included the Westward Ho on its list of “extinct casino brands we’d like to see return to the strip” commenting that “For a town still full of cowboys, we sure are short on Western themed casinos.” (Radke, B., June 20, 2012).
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