Las Vegas History Series: Silver City Casino

Today, the location of the famous Peppermill restaurant on Las Vegas Boulevard and the adjacent Ross department store with the rest of the shopping plaza is where there was once a casino named Silver City. It was opened from 1975 to 1999. It was an interesting location because it was right across the street from the Stardust Hotel and Casino and Sands was right down the road.

Silver City takes us back to the days where a resort would offer you many free things just to get you in the door. They had something called the Silver City funbook which also advertised free margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, free popcorn, a free souvenir and even a free country breakfast from the hours of 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Imagine a 24-hour breakfast for 99 cents, steak, and eggs for $1.79 and a $4 prime rib dinner.

On the gambling side in the funbook, there was a match play offer for 21, roulette and craps and a keno ticket credit. The casino even gave people a chance to win back your transportation fare. One contest the resort held was giving patrons the chance to win a new Ford Ranger by offering the public two free slot pulls. In another brochure advertisement for the casino, Silver City offered 10 cents craps, 25 cent roulette, $1 blackjack, 500 loose slots and a variety of favorite games including video poker and wheel of fortune.

Focusing on the business history of Silver City, it was owned by Circus Circus Enterprises/Mandalay Resort Group at one point. They ended up acquiring it for 30 million dollars. One year prior to the Silver City opening in 1974, there was a casino called Riata that was there for less than a year.

In the world of Las Vegas Trivia, it became the first casino to ban cigarette smoking in 1991. When we look back at Silver City, you’re going to find a place that offered tons of free incentives for people to come in the door, low priced food and an experience that made the customer felt like they were getting something before giving.

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Back in 1976 I arrived in Las Vegas and I spent most nights in the Silver City. I remember singer Jerry Vale being at the poker table every night. The restaurant had great food with the cheapest prices. The had a “bull burger” on the menu that was huge served with fries and baked beans. The restaurant had community tables that sat about 10 or 12. It featured a little lounge to the side. That had some pretty bad lounge acts, but that’s what made it great and always full of customers.

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